My family doesn’t want me to have cosmetic surgery…

Deciding to have cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal issue, and it is imperative that any such decision is the right one for the person involved, but having the support of one’s friends and family can make the process a much happier one.

If you are considering any cosmetic procedures, talking it through with those who know you well is often a good way of exploring your own commitment to the idea – and having a supportive and attentive environment in which to recuperate afterwards will be very welcome. But what if your loved ones are not on side?

They say it’s vanity and too risky

During your Milton Keynes cosmetic surgery consultation, Mr Sudip Ghosh will ask you about your expectations of the procedure and will want assurance that you are confident about your decision. At this stage, it is not unheard of for patients to express dismay that they are acting against the advice of their nearest and dearest, the two principles objections being ‘risk’ and ‘it is unnecessary’.

As with every type of surgery, any cosmetic procedure, whether a tummy tuck, facelift or breast enlargement, carries an element of risk; it is therefore important to both be fully informed about potential complications, and to place yourself in the hands of a highly qualified and experienced surgeon who operates in reputable clinics and is supported by a highly trained team.

As for other concerns, your family are most likely just being protective; talk to them about your motivations and what having cosmetic surgery means to you.

How can I make the right decision for me?

An informed decision is a more assured decision. Find out as much as you can about the procedure, the recovery and your surgeon. Mr Ghosh advises his Milton Keynes patients that they never rush into any decision, that they choose to have cosmetic surgery purely for themselves, and that that they have realistic expectations of the changes that the procedure can effect.

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