My breasts sag – but I don’t want implants

woman thinkingA woman’s breasts will begin to sag as she gets older and her skin loses some of its elasticity. It is a process that is exacerbated by pregnancy and breastfeeding, and by fluctuations in weight.

Mr Sudip Ghosh sees many women at his Milton Keynes clinic who are dissatisfied with their altered breasts and long for the pert bust of their youth. In many cases, a breast augmentation is the most appropriate choice but for some of these women the idea of implants does not appeal. What are their options?

A breast uplift can reshape the breast tissue

A mastopexy – or breast uplift – is a procedure designed to re-mould the breast tissue, remove excess skin and, where necessary, reposition the nipples, to create a firmer, more youthful shape.

During a Milton Keynes breast uplift consultation, Mr Ghosh will take your medical history and discuss your objectives before conducting a physical examination. Once he has assessed the degree of sagging and skin laxity he will tailor a surgical plan to your individual requirements.

There are a number of different breast uplift techniques – commonly known as a crescent, lollipop or anchor incision – and Mr Ghosh will explain what they involve and how his recommendation will best achieve your desired results.

What are the potential risks of a breast uplift?

Before embarking on any cosmetic surgery, it is important to be aware of potential complications and your surgeon will discuss these with you at your consultation.

Any surgery carries a degree of risk but these are minimized by choosing an experienced surgeon who works with a highly qualified anaesthetist in clinics approved by the Care Quality Commission.

Similarly, an incision will always result in a scar, but a skilled surgeon will produce fine scars and advice on breast uplift aftercare that will encourage optimal scar healing leaving you to enjoy your improved shape.

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