Missed out on a holiday body? There’s always next year

body contouring surgeryIf you’re about to embark on your summer vacation and are already starting to regret not taking better care of your body – or knocking back a little assistance from a cosmetic procedure – there’s very little point in beating yourself up about it.

Here at SJG Plastic Surgery, we’re more than aware that our clients will be undergoing as much of a mental transformation as the physical transformation we can assist them with, so we’re aware it can take a while for people to decide on asking for our help. But if you’ve just got back to discover that your Instagram feed is looking a little too well-fed, maybe it’s time to make plans for the future.

Is it wrong to want a holiday body?

Whilst making an investment in looking good in time for a one or two-week period seems like a snap decision that hasn’t been fully thought through, we feel it actually makes sense: After all, the idea of getting a little help from a trained cosmetic surgeon well in advance is safer in the long run than undergoing a crash diet.

In our experience, the people who come to us for treatment never do this sort of thing on a whim: more often than not, it’s because they’re reaching a milestone in their life, and they want to look as good as possible for it. Whilst not as important as a 40th (or 50th, or 60th) birthday, a holiday is seen as a key moment in peoples’ short-term life. When else are you invited to show your body off, or are even expected to?

So if you’re thinking of undergoing a treatment of cosmetic surgery – at any time of the year – our advice is to book a consultation session and get the ball rolling. And it’s never too early to make plans for your next holiday body.

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