Lost weight, but don’t look great? Four ways we can help

More and more people are junking their sedentary lifestyles and making an effort to lose weight, which is a great boost to a person’s general health. But what if your new body isn’t looking the way you expected it to?

The reason for that – and one of the most annoying facts of life – is that as we mature, the elasticity in our skin goes into a decline. And if you’ve lost a great deal of weight, you’re realising that skin which has been used to accommodating excess body weight doesn’t automatically snap back into place when that weight has gone.

Thankfully, there is a range of aesthetic surgery options that can get you looking at your absolute best: let us take you through them…


When women lose large amounts of weight, one area which suffers most are the breasts. A mastoplexy – or breast uplift – is designed to restore their size, contour and elevation. It involves an incision, followed by a lifting and reshaping, and in certain instances, the nipples can be repositioned for a totally natural look.


If you’ve undergone dramatic weight loss, you may have an unsightly overhang of skin around your abdomen. Abdominoplasty surgery – otherwise known as the ‘tummy tuck’ – is usually the best treatment, as it removes excess skin and fatty tissue, can restore the muscles to their rightful place, and give you the shape you desire.

Thigh and arm reduction

When there’s sagging in either extremity, the excess skin can trimmed down in order to restore and optimise their original shape. Liposuction is often deployed to remove problem areas of fat.

Total body lift

For instances of extreme weight loss, a body lift is essentially a full servicing of the excess skin around the body.

If any of these options sound like the solution for your body shape issues – or you would like an expert opinion on your next step towards the look you want – it makes sense to talk to us at your earliest convenience and book a consultation.

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