I’ve lost all this weight, but I still hate my body…

For many people who are significantly overweight, gastric bypass surgery becomes a focal point as the answer to their health problems and struggles with low self-esteem. This type of surgery is indeed transformative – a crucial step in enabling a person to achieve much needed weight loss – but it is not the end of the journey. Plastic surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh sees many patients after their weight-loss surgery in his Milton Keynes clinic and it is not uncommon for them to express surprise and dismay at the after effects of dramatic weight loss – namely, the many folds of saggy skin.

What are my options?

Skin that has been stretched excessively loses its elasticity, so it cannot shrink down to the slimmer you. Surgery is often the only answer. During an abdominoplasty, the weakened muscles are repositioned and tightened and the excess skin removed, resulting in a tauter, more toned abdomen. A body lift includes this tightening work on the abdomen but will also recontour the trunk, the buttocks and the thighs by removing the drooping skin and lifting up the buttocks. Some patients choose to have an arm reduction and a breast uplift (mastopexy) at the same time in what is known as a ‘total body lift’. The end result is a smoother silhouette – and a more comfortable one.

How do I know a body lift is right for me?

Only you can know if you are prepared to undergo further surgery but knowing what to expect and being in the best hands will help you have confidence in any decision you make. Milton Keynes-based Mr Ghosh has helped many patients achieve their goals after weight loss surgery. He believes it is essential that his patients feel able to ask many questions, that they have realistic expectations of the procedure – and that make their body lift decisions free from any pressure.

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