Is there anything I should do ahead of my body lift?

For people who have a significant amount of excess skin as a result of their weight-loss surgery, a further surgical procedure may be the only effective option. A body lift entails the removal of folds of skin and excess fat from around the abdomen, trunk, thighs and buttocks, greatly improving the patient’s overall shape.

It is possible to combine the procedure with an arm reduction and a breast reduction and/or uplift; if these areas are targeted at the same time it is known as a total body lift. Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Milton Keynes patients are often eager to prepare as best they can for surgery. If you have undergone weight-loss surgery then you will be no stranger to preparation and recovery, but here are five tips to help you get ready for your body lift.

1. Reach a long-term stable weight.

Fluctuations in weight will compromise the previously pleasing results of your body lift so get to that maintainable weight before you embark on surgery.

2. Get healthy.

Patients who are in good health both physically and emotionally cope better with surgery and tend to make a quicker recovery. Eat well, be active and de-stress your life.

3. Follow your surgeon’s pre-op instructions.

During your body lift consultation, Milton Keynes surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh will advise you on what medications and supplements to avoid before surgery. He will also explain how nicotine in the bloodstream can lead to complications during surgery; if you are a smoker he will ask you to quit in the peri-operative period.

4. Arrange for assistance with aftercare.

You will need someone to escort you home and to stay with you for a couple of days. You will also need to arrange time off work, and help with responsibilities such as childcare or dog walking.

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