Is there a set age for a cosmetic surgery procedure?

teenagers and cosmetic surgeryThe argument about cosmetic surgery and young people – which has never gone away – has been stoked to new heights by the complaints about Love Island being shot through with adverts for clinics and diet supplements. So let’s try to answer a few questions.

Are teenagers really obsessed with cosmetic procedures?

Compared with their predecessors, there’s certainly a lot more interest. Recent statistics prove that the number of teens seeking plastic surgery is growing, while the average age of first-time clients is being dragged down.

However, the reasons for this aren’t as clear-cut as the media assumes. While cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures are on the rise amongst teenagers, the most-requested procedures tend to be low-level, non-invasive procedures which tackle typical teenage ailments – such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing. We find that teenagers are far more interested in getting rid of zits and blackheads, just like we were when we were their age. They just have far better options to deal with them than we did than we did.

What about fillers?

While stars of yore would go to extraordinary lengths to hide the fact that they’d had work done, today’s celebs are not shy about explaining what they’ve had done. However, it’s worth pointing out to today’s teens that one of the main reasons the celebs undergo cosmetic procedures is to look the same age as them. And legitimate clinics are against the use of dermal fillers and Botox on teenagers.

Are there any cosmetic surgery procedures suitable for teenagers?

Yes, there are. For example, many experts generally agree that the earliest ideal time to consider a rhinoplasty can be during the teenage phase, as long as the nasal septum has fully developed. But a reputable surgeon will need to be absolutely certain that the client is sufficiently mature enough – both physically and mentally – to undergo surgery.

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