Is an arm lift right for me?

An arm lift – or ‘brachioplasty’ – can be an effective procedure that removes large amounts of loose and sagging skin from the upper arms. While the outcome can be a smoother, tauter shape to the arm, the procedure does, however, result in visible scars and therefore opting to undergo arm reduction surgery is not an easy decision. Here are four questions to help the process.

1. Are you at or near your ideal weight?

An arm lift is not a weight loss solution and the results will only be compromised by further significant weight loss. If you still have some way to go before reaching your target weight, postpone any cosmetic surgery decisions.

2. Are you happy with your choice of surgeon?

When placing your health and your appearance in someone’s care, you need to have confidence in their expertise and trust in their advice. By choosing a plastic surgeon who is a member of a professional body, you can feel sure of their credentials. As a BAPRAS member, Milton Keynes-based surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh is listed on the GMC’s Specialist Register of Plastic Surgeons, is committed to keeping up with the latest in surgical advances and submits an annual safety audit.

3. Do you understand the risks involved?

Any surgery carries an element of risk; your surgeon should explain all potential side effects. Have you discussed what degree of scarring you should expect after your arm lift and are you comfortable with this?

4. What are my expectations?

Patients presenting at Mr Ghosh’s Milton Keynes clinic are always asked about what they hope to achieve through surgery. Mr Ghosh believes it is imperative that anyone considering an arm lift understands the limitations of surgery and is realistic in their expectations. Those who have chosen arm reduction surgery with realistic goals tend to be the more satisfied with the results.

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