Interested in the non-surgical nose job?

non-surgical nose jobIf you were intrigued by the ‘lunchtime nose job’ that was demonstrated on This Morning the other week, and are looking for further details, we’ll be happy to fill you in. Pun unintended.

Better known as nose reshaping or the non-surgical nose job, the use of dermal fillers as a quick and affordable method of positively altering the appearance of the nose has been something we’ve been doing at SJG Plastic Surgery for some time now. The benefits are obvious: it offers instant results, and there’s minimal downtime when compared to standard rhinoplasty procedures.

Am I a good candidate for nose reshaping?

The short answer is: it depends. As the point of the procedure is to use fillers to balance out imperfections in the nose, as opposed to using surgery to remove imperfections it isn’t for everyone. However, if you feel you need to correct a misshapen lump on the bridge of the nose, have a crooked nose, suffer from an unsightly droop at the tip of the nose or have a hooked nose, the non-surgical nose job would suit you down to the ground.

What happens during the non-surgical nose job?

Although the actual procedure takes less than a quarter of an hour, you will be required to have the affected area slathered with a numbing cream 20 minutes before the procedure. The dermal filler – which is designed to hold the shape and not merge into each other in the tissue area – is then injected to the appropriate areas of the nose. And that’s pretty much it.

While nose reshaping requires virtually no downtime, no surgery, and is a fraction of the price of traditional nose surgery, it must be borne in mind that the effects are not permanent – the results usually last from anywhere between 8 and 10 months. On the other hand, if you’re squeamish about surgery – or are looking to dip a toe into the possibilities of aesthetic procedures and want to see what you’d look like with a reshaped nose – it’s the perfect first step. For more information, please call 0845 304 7083 or email us at

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