I thought I would feel more feminine after my weight loss surgery…

too big jeansFor very overweight people who have struggled to shed the pounds on their own, weight loss surgery can offer a lifeline. The beneficial results of bariatric surgery extend well beyond the aesthetic, reducing risks of obesity-related health complaints such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The improvements in health are welcomed whole-heartedly but, for some, there can be a distressing side effect: saggy skin. Mr Sudip Ghosh sees many women post-weight loss surgery at his Milton Keynes cosmetic surgery clinic all asking whether further surgery is the answer…

What is achievable?

When skin has been stretched to an excessive degree, it loses its elasticity and therefore the ability to shrink back on its own and the result of weight loss surgery can often be folds of sagging skin.

While the patient will have looked forward to being a slimmer version of herself, she many then encounter a new set of self-consciousnesses and an even greater desire to cover up: clothes will have to be selected carefully to conceal the upper arms and to avoid clinging to the drooping skin around the thighs and knees.

Similarly, overhang around the abdomen can be difficult to disguise as well as being extremely uncomfortable. Mr Ghosh offers the full range of post-weight loss surgical procedures at his Milton Keynes clinic, from brachioplasty (to reduce the excess skin in the upper arm), thigh reduction and tummy tuck to a total body lift. The result is a smoother, tauter, more feminine silhouette.

What about drooping breasts?

With significant weight loss usually comes a loss of volume in the breasts. Not only does this reduce the impact of the cleavage but it leaves behind sagging, empty breasts. For this, Mr Ghosh may recommend a mastopexy – a breast lift – to remove some of the excess skin, lift the breast higher on the chest thereby restoring some substance.

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