I can’t decide if post weight-loss surgery is right for me…

If you have lost a significant amount of weight after gastric bypass surgery, you may have been left with an excess of drooping skin. Hopefully you will be noticing – and enjoying – the improvements that surgery has made to your general health, but you may have found a new source of self-consciousness. Mr Sudip Ghosh sees many patients in his Milton Keynes post weight-loss surgery clinic who are in this boat, and for a good number of them further surgery is a necessary step to address the excess skin. It is, however, a big step, so here are four pointers to help you in your decision-making.

Four tips before deciding on post weight-loss surgery

  1. Research what is involved. Knowledge can often provide clarity when making a decision, and you can certainly have more confidence in your plan if it is an informed one. Find out what the procedure involves not just in terms of surgery but in the run up and recovery, too.
  2. Talk it through. Discussing post weight-loss surgery with those who have had it can be helpful and there are many online forums that facilitate the sharing of experiences. Talking to people who know you well may also be of benefit; with your wellbeing at the heart of any conversation, they may be able to ask some probing questions.
  3. Be honest about your expectations. Ask yourself just why you are doing it and what you expect to change afterwards – and then ask if these expectations are realistic. Milton Keynes plastic surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh believes that setting achievable goals and having an understanding of surgery’s limitations is crucial: post weight-loss surgery patients who are realistic are the much more satisfied with the outcome.
  4. Find a surgeon you trust. A good surgeon will give you impartial and candid advice. If you feel your surgeon is pushing you into making a decision, walk away and find someone else.
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