How to prepare for a cosmetic surgery procedure

cosmetic surgery procedure preparationWe know that embarking upon a cosmetic surgery procedure can be a daunting prospect, which is why SJG Plastic Surgery – like all reputable clinics – has a comprehensive pre-surgery procedure geared towards ensuring that clients are as prepared as possible for what they’re about to undertake.

While each procedure will have its own bespoke pre-op procedures, here’s a brief Q&A for across-the-board queries.

Will I have to stop taking my medication before a procedure?

During your consultation, your surgeon will require a list of the medications you are currently being prescribed, and will be able to give you the all-clear for a procedure or advise you to consult your GP to check if you can step down on certain medications before the procedure.

What about vitamins and over-the-counter medications?

It is vitally important that you stay away from anti-inflammatory medicines for two weeks before the procedure. That includes aspirin, medications that contain aspirin, Alka-Selzer, Excedrin, Nurofen, Ibuprofen etc. If you need to use a painkiller, stick with Paracetamol. Vitamins or alternative medicines that cause clotting – such as Vitamin E, ginseng, St. Johns Wort and Gingko Boloba – are also to be avoided for two weeks, unless the practitioner has approved their use.

The rule of thumb is: whatever you’re taking, let your practitioner know.

What happens if there is a fluctuation in my weight before the procedure?

It’s very important that you take charge of your weight and diet before the surgery, for obvious reasons: the practitioner has drawn up a plan of action based on what you looked like during the consultation, and any gain in weight can not only affect the results, but can increase any potential risks during surgery. If you have gained more than five pounds since the consultation, the procedure may have to be cancelled.

What if I take ill before the procedure?

If you experience a cold or an infection during the two-week period before the procedure, you must contact the surgery and convey the details. Furthermore, you’re advised to keep out of the sun beforehand: any evidence of sunburn will result in a cancellation.

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