How to choose the right cosmetic surgeon

When it comes to choosing the most suitable clinic and right cosmetic surgeon, it’s not as simple as you think – there’s a bewildering array of options available. Here’s a brief checklist…

Cosmetic surgeon choice: personal recommendations work

Websites and adverts are the obvious starting point, but nothing beats the advice of people who have already been there. If you know someone who has had work done, ask them about what they had done, who with, and how it went.

Cosmetic surgeon choice: check ‘em out

When you find a practitioner you like the look of, make sure they’re legitimate. The General Medical Council is the best starting point: you can find out if a practitioner is registered, how long they’ve been in operation, and their current status.

Cosmetic surgeon choice: make the most of your consultation period

This is a massively important step. The practitioner is essentially auditioning for your business, so you are in the driving seat. Be completely honest about what you want.

Cosmetic surgeon choice: when in doubt, air it out

Any worries you have about the procedure you want – and there will be many of them, especially if this is your first time –need to be brought out in the open and addressed.

Cosmetic surgeon choice: prepare to reveal all

You should be prepared for an examination of the area you want treating, so wear loose-fitting clothing. And be ready to offer a full breakdowndown of your medical history.

Cosmetic surgeon choice: final checks

If you’ve not been shown Before and After pics of people who have had the same procedure, ask to see them. Also make sure you ask for contact details of previous clients.

Cosmetic surgeon choice: get ready to recover

If your procedure involves an overnight stay, check out the facilities. Also, make sure you know do’s and don’ts during your recovery period.

Cosmetic surgeon choice: know your rights

Finally, look into what you can do if you are not happy with the results of your procedure. The vast majority of reputable clinics will have procedures in place for genuine complaints.

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