How much do you know about ganglion cysts?

Milton Keynes cosmetic surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh explains what a ganglion cyst isA ganglion cyst, although harmless and very treatable, can be painful and unwelcome. But what actually is it? Here are seven things you should know about ganglions…

1. A ganglion cyst can vary greatly in size

Some are the size of a pea, and others can swell to resemble a golf ball.

2. The most common locations for a ganglion…

The most common locations are the back of the wrist, the front of the wrist and the base of the thumb, on the back of an end joint of a finger, and at the base of a finger on the palmar side. However, they can occur near any joint in the body.

3. Ganglions are made up of synovial fluid

Synovial fluid is the jelly-like lubricating substance that naturally surrounds tendons and joints. While it is not clear why they form, they tend to occur when synovial fluid leaks out from its home around a joint and collects in a sac.

4. Unless a ganglion cyst is causing a lot of pain or hindering movement, treatment is not available on the NHS

Patients wishing the removal of a cyst for cosmetic reasons can see a plastic surgeon such as Mr Sudip Ghosh. At his Milton Keynes clinic, Mr Ghosh offers aspiration (where the fluid is drained out with a needle and syringe) and surgical removal.

5. Depending on where the cyst is, you will most likely require only a local anaesthetic

Some people would prefer to be asleep during the procedure so this is something to discuss with your Mr Ghosh when you attend his Milton Keynes hand surgery clinic.

6. The ganglion may return…

… And is more likely to do so if it occurs on the wrist

7. A reason to love living in modern times:

The old-fashioned cure for ganglions was to hit them hard with a heavy book (traditionally the family bible), bursting the cyst under the skin.

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