How long will the effects of a cosmetic procedure last?

cosmetic surgery longevityFor certain people, the question ‘how long will cosmetic surgery last?’ can be right up there with ‘how long is a piece of string?’ It depends on two key factors…

The procedure you’ve decided to undergo

There are two main reasons why people choose to undertake a cosmetic procedure: because they want to change a specific part of their appearance (such as their nose, or ears), or because they want to look younger. For the former, the question is easy to answer: when the part of your face has been altered to a standard that you approve of, that’s it: it’ll stay like that for the rest of your life.

The latter can be a little more complicated. A skin-only facelift can give a good result, and its optimal effect can last for three to six years on average. The Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System facelift, which tightens the facial muscles as well as the skin, naturally lasts longer: an estimated five to eight years, on average. And a deep SMAS facelift will last even longer. And if you combine that with volume restoration (with fillers in areas such as the brow, lips and neck) you’re looking at eight to twelve years on average.

Your mindset as a client

The other key issue, because a main factor of a successful procedure involves what the client deems to be a ‘younger appearance’ in the first place, and what the client is prepared to do to maintain their appearance afterwards. When we talk about the ‘lasting’ abilities of these procedures, we don’t mean that everything will suddenly sag after a certain amount of time, but if you’re indulging in the habits that made your skin age a little faster before your treatment, the clock will catch up before too long.

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