How long will my new look last?

When you decide to undergo a cosmetic procedure, you’re essentially making an investment into your appearance. So we hear the same two questions in our consultation sessions. ‘How will I look?’ is obviously the main one, but the other question is just as important: ‘how long will it last?’

Good question. The answer? It’s complicated.

how long will my cosmetic surgery results last

It depends on what you want

There are two main reasons as to why people choose to undertake a cosmetic procedure. One is because they want to change a specific part of their appearance, such as their nose, or ears. The other is because they want to look younger.

The question is very easy to answer in the case of the former:  when the part of your face has been altered to a standard that you approve of, that’s it. It’ll pretty much stay like that for the rest of your life.

The latter can be a little more complicated. A skin-only facelift can give a good result, and its optimal effect can last for three to six years on average. But a Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System facelift –which tightens the facial muscles as well as the skin – naturally lasts longer: an estimated five to eight years, on average. And a deep SMAS facelift will last even longer. And if you combine that with treatments such as volume restoration (with fillers in areas such as the brow, lips and neck) you’re looking at eight to twelve years on average.

It also depends on you

There’s another important couple of factors: what your idea of a ‘younger appearance’ is in the first place, and what you’re prepared to do to maintain your appearance afterwards. In other words, if you’re continuing to indulge in the habits that made your skin age a little faster before your treatment, the clock will catch up before too long.


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