How long do breast implants last?

how long do breast implants last forThe good news: a breast implant is capable of lasting for the duration of your lifespan without needing to be replaced. However, there will be a whole range of factors which could mean a replacement is preferable, or necessary.

Obviously, implant manufacturers are very keen to shy away from the term ‘lifetime’, and for many reasons. While they’re confident that modern implants are perfectly capable of lasting over long durations of time, there is always a slight risk that could fail over the course of time. Several tests of the durability of saline implants have concluded a risk of rupture and/or deflation of 1% per year. Consequently, professional practitioners will recommend that you get them checked out ten or fifteen years after the initial procedure.

Breast implants don’t change – your body might

There are no maintenance or care regimes to adhere to after the procedure – the implant just sits there, after all. However, the rest of your body is bound to change, and your breasts will not be exempt from this process – another reason why a review is essential. Changes in weight – either up or down – can also change the proportion of the breasts.

Breast implants don’t change – your mindset might

The most crucial factor is you. What works for your look today might not be desirable tomorrow. Some women may want a fuller figure as they age, while others may prefer to reduce their body shape, while those with larger implants may want to reduce the load on their frame.

It gets easier in future

If you ever think about changing – or removing – your implants, the good news is that a repeat procedure is more manageable. The procedure will be the same as before, but clients report less stress (as they already know what to expect), and the fears about scarring are virtually eliminated – as the incisions are taken in the same place, the client experiences less discomfort, the procedure takes much less time, the recovery time is shorter and the results are almost instant.

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