How do I know a breast augmentation is right for me?

woman thinkingThere are many women who have long been dissatisfied with the size of their bust, feeling the smallness of their breasts has made them self-conscious since puberty; some say it impacts on how feminine they feel.

And there are many more women who once felt their breasts were perfectly satisfactory but the changes wrought by pregnancy or simply by age have robbed them of their self-confidence.

An ever-increasing number of women are turning to cosmetic surgery. While a breast augmentation is a relatively straightforward procedure with a high success rate, how do you know it is the right step for you?

Be honest with yourself

During your Milton Keynes breast augmentation consultation with Mr Sudip Ghosh, you will not only discuss your medical history and the surgery itself, but also your reasons for wanting the procedure.

Mr Ghosh will ask you about you motivations and your objectives: what do you think will change after your surgery? Are you expecting it to solve many problems in your life?

Mr Ghosh knows from experience that those Milton Keynes patients who embark on their breast augmentation journey with unrealistic expectations tend to be the less satisfied with the outcome.

Understanding that surgery has limitations and being certain that you are doing it to please yourself and not others are both crucial to a happy decision.

Choose your surgeon with care

It is important that you place yourself in the care of a surgeon who has all the necessary surgical credentials: highly trained, preferably a member of a prestigious professional body such as BAAPS or BAPRAS, and uses clinics approved by the CQC.

Furthermore, choosing a surgeon who you trust to be candid in their advice and guide you to the best treatment for your individual case will give you confidence that you are making the right breast augmentation choices for you.

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