How do I find the right breast uplift surgeon for me?

Breast uplifts are particularly popular amongst women who are dissatisfied with their drooping post-baby contours. A breast lift – or mastopexy – is an effective and relatively straightforward procedure whereby pleats of excess, stretched skin are removed from under the breast, the breast is then remodelled into a tighter cone and the nipples moved higher up. When you have decided that surgery is a route you wish to explore, the next step is to the find the best surgeon. With many providers out there, it can be a bewildering process so here are three areas to consider during your search.

1. Credentials:

Your surgeon should be listed on the GMC’s Specialist Register of Plastic Surgeons and have many years’ experience of breast surgery – do ask how frequently they perform this procedure. Furthermore, you can feel more confident in your surgeon’s care if they belong to a professional body; as a member of the prestigious British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), Milton Keynes-based surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh keeps his skills up-to-the-minute and is committed to the highest safety standards.

2. Care:

Consider the level of care that a cosmetic surgeon can offer you. Reading testimonials from previous patients will give you an idea of their experience. Will you be offered one-to-one care, seeing your surgeon personally at your breast lift consultation rather than a representative? What of the aftercare? Ask whom you will see at follow-up appointments.

3. Candour:

Trust and rapport between patient and surgeon is important. When placing yourself in a cosmetic surgeon’s hands, you need to feel able to ask questions and that you are getting honest replies. At Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Milton Keynes breast lift clinic, you will experience an unhurried and informative consultation, where time is given to talking through all aspects of the procedure, ensuring you have everything you need to make a decision with confidence.

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