How do I choose the right surgeon for burns reconstruction?

It is not uncommon for patients to be apprehensive about burns reconstructive surgery after the trauma of a burns injury. Nervous about making the right treatment choices, choosing a surgeon can feel like an enormous step. Asking numerous questions can be helpful, such as: what are their qualifications? Which technique would they recommend for your wound and why? Can you see before and after photos of comparable burns reconstructions? With more facts at your fingertips, you will be better able to make an informed and assured decision.

What is their experience?

Reconstructive surgery for burn scars is technically complex and therefore it is advisable to place yourself in surgical hands that are both specially trained and highly experienced. Milton Keynes-based Mr Sudip Ghosh specialises in burns management and the reconstruction of scars and contractures. He is a leading Burns Surgeon at Stoke Mandeville Hospital NHS Trust, a member of the British Burns Association, and is widely published on the subject of burns reconstruction. Mr Ghosh has vast experience of skin grafts, tissue expansion, Z-plasty, free tissue transfer and resurfacing of burns scars using an artificial dermis.

Do they have a good bedside manner?

Patients seeking treatment for their burns scars may report feeling vulnerable as surgery approaches so enjoying a good rapport with the surgeon will help them feel more comfortable about the treatment. After your consultation, ask yourself if you feel your surgeon listened to your goals and concerns, and if they were honest with regard to what could be achieved by surgery. Have they given you confidence in the procedure, and in their expertise? At his Milton Keynes burns reconstruction clinic, Mr Sudip Ghosh offers individualised treatment and adopts a consultative approach, with multiple discussions between patient and surgeon shaping the surgical plan.

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