How can I make a speedy recovery from my breast augmentation?

Once you’ve made the decision to have a breast augmentation, your mind is likely to skim past the surgery itself, instead looking ahead at a time when you can enjoy the results. One question Mr Sudip Ghosh often hears in his Milton Keynes breast augmentation clinic is: ‘what can I do to speed up my recovery?’ Here are four tips.

  1. Get ‘match fit’. Having surgery under general anaesthetic can take its toll but the fitter you are, the better your body is able to cope with the ordeal – and bounce back quickly. Patients who have a high BMI, drink heavily or smoke are more likely to experience complications so think about your body as you prepare for your breast augmentation: eat well, cut out the bad stuff, and get active.
  2. Plan ahead. After your surgery, you will need some downtime in which to recover. Unless you have reassigned your usual commitments, you are unlikely to get this precious chance to recuperate so book time off work, clear your diary, fill your house with easy to prepare, nutritious food and draft in help.
  3. Follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions. After your Milton Keynes breast augmentation, Mr Ghosh will give you comprehensive written instructions on your post-op care. These will include guidance on wound care, exercises to avoid and the wearing of a compression garment; following these will help both the healing process and to optimise the aesthetic results.
  4. Give yourself time. One of the most important aspects of your recovery is time. It is all too tempting to solider on after your breast augmentation, arguing that if you can do something then you should. However, your body needs time to heal fully; by rushing back into daily life and the normal range of mobility, you risk compromising the integrity – and longevity – of the healing process.
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