How can I make a quick recovery after cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery patients are usually eager to get back on their feet and start enjoying the results. During your consultation with Milton Keynes-based cosmetic surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh, you will discuss at length just what the procedure entails and what you should expect afterwards – and what you can do to help your recovery along.

1. Listen to your cosmetic surgeon’s advice.

When you are discharged from the clinic after your cosmetic surgery, your surgeon will give you comprehensive instructions on what to do and what to avoid in order for your body to get on with healing. By following this guidance to the letter you will create the best conditions for your recovery.

2. Help the swelling subside.

Post-surgical swelling (oedema) accounts for much of the discomfort you will feel after your cosmetic surgery. To make things feel better, and to help the healing along, you can take a proactive approach in a number of ways. Firstly, the application of ice packs (wrapped in a cloth) to the swollen area will encourage optimal blood circulation. It is important not to apply the ice for too long a period – your surgeon will advise you on an effective and safe method. Circulation can also be aided by maintaining an elevated position. Secondly, Mr Ghosh advises his Milton Keynes patients to wear a compression garment that works to reduce post-operative swelling and to enhance the aesthetic outcomes of your cosmetic surgery.

3. Take it easy.

You may not be ill but you have had surgery and therefore need to take care of yourself – and to allow others to help. Before your operation, fill your fridge and draft in someone to help with the daily running of your home – be it looking after children, walking a dog or keeping you company. Finally, sleep is a great healer: as we snooze, our cell tissues are regenerating, helping to reduce inflammation and boosting the immune system.

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