How big a procedure is post-weight loss surgery?

post-weight lossFolds of sagging skin can be the unhappy byproduct of dramatic weight loss, usually an otherwise happy process. For those who have shed tens of pounds, be it through weight loss surgery or by diet and exercise alone, the excess skin can be dispiriting, embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Indeed, it is not uncommon to hear patients saying in Mr Ghosh’s Milton Keynes post-weight loss clinic that they dislike their appearance as much as they did when very overweight. As it has been stretched to a degree beyond its elasticity, the skin is not going to shrink back independently; in many cases, therefore, surgery is the only option.

What are my post-weight loss surgery options?

The extent of post-weight loss surgery depends entirely on the individual’s frame, skin laxity and objectives. For some, a tummy tuck may be all that is required, whereby the overhang of abdominal skin is excised.

Others may also require a brachioplasty to reduce the excess skin in the upper arms, a mastopexy to lift the breasts, a thigh reduction to 1optimise the shape of the legs, or a total body lift involving the trunk, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

What are the possible side effects and complications?

All surgery poses general risks of anaesthesia complications, bleeding and infection so it is important to place yourself in the care of an experienced and highly qualified surgeon.

Post-weight loss surgery will result in scars; again, a skilled surgeon will produce the finest scars possible and will be attentive during your aftercare to ensure optimal healing. You will discuss location and extent of scarring at your consultation and will have a clear idea of what to expect before you make any final decision.

Milton Keynes surgeon Mr Ghosh will also emphasise the importance of having realistic expectation of your post-weight loss surgery; those patients who understand and accept the limitations of surgery tend to be significantly more satisfied with the outcome.

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