Get rid of moles in time for summer

If you’re already thinking about what you’re going to look like on the beach this summer, or in skimpier clothing, maybe it’s time to do something about your moles, particularly the ones in places where we’d rather not have them.

A simple solution

A mole removal procedure is one of the easiest in the book: you’ll be given a minor local anaesthetic which numbs the area around the mole. Then, your practitioner will remove it – either through a shave excision (which involves cutting it off with scalpel), a punch excision (which involves using a small tool to cut and twist the mole out) or a regular surgical excision. Obviously, there will be a minor scar left – but they tend to heal up without disfigurement, especially on the face. In either case, what is left – if anything – is far better looking than what was there before.

Why it makes sense to come to us

While moles can be removed on the NHS, they – quite rightly – don’t offer this treatment because you want to look better on the beach. The most important reason to remove a mole is to eliminate the risk of cancerous changes happening to it, as a change in one you’ve had all your life is the most common sign of melanoma – as is the appearance of a new mole. If they view your moles as non-benign, there will be a referral period which could take a very long time. So when it comes to benign and non-benign moles, both cases, it makes sense to see a private specialist to get treated at your earliest convenience.

So if your ‘beauty spots’ are looking anything but – or you’re worried about any of your moles – we can take a professional look at any mole that looks suspicious and can instantly remove them whether they’re benign or otherwise.

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