At SJG we specialise in the full range of facial surgery procedures, including:

  • Mid Facelifts
  • Botox
  • Silhouette Thread Facelifts
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Neck Lifts
  • Prominent Ear Correction

Facial procedures includes facelifts, neck lifts and eyelid surgery. You can find out more about each of the procedures by clicking the tabs to the right.

Facelifts; Facelifts tackle the laxity of skin and muscle of the face and neck. The procedure is often combined with Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). Mr Ghosh offers both the classical facelift and the newer short scar operation.

Mid Facelifts; A Mid Facelift aims to rejuvenate the area immediately below the eyelid, over the cheek bone, by repositioning the tissues over the cheekbone.

Botox (Botulinum toxin, muscle relaxant Injections); Muscle relaxant Injections are used widely for treatment of wrinkles and lines and is also used for treatment of increased sweating. These injections are very successful in treating the above conditions, however the injections will need to be repeated every three to four months.

Silhouette Thread Facelifts; The use of sutures to achieve lifting of facial tissues is a new concept in this country. This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and involves no visible scarring. The procedure takes about 60 minutes to perform.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery); Laxity of the upper and lower eyelids can be corrected by performing an upper and lower lid blepharoplasty. This combined procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic and an overnight stay in hospital is required. Upper blepharoplasty is often carried out separately from lower lid and, if this is the case, will be carried out under a local anaesthetic.

Necklifts; Necklifts are often combined with facelift operations, although they are sometimes performed as a single procedure. The surgery commonly requires associated liposuction.

Nose Reshaping; Nose reshaping surgery involves reshaping various aspects of the nose. A detailed preoperative discussion is done to determine the various aspects of the nose which an individual is unhappy with. Mr Ghosh also performs septo-rhinoplasties (surgery to realign the nasal septum).

Prominent Ear Correction; Prominent ears can be corrected using a technique whereby the cartilage of the ear is set back. The procedure involves a general anaesthetic in children, while it can be done either with general or local aneasthetic in an adult. The procedure usually involves an overnight stay.

Facial Surgery

  • Facelift

    A facelift is a very popular procedure that aims to target the various effects of ageing on the face. Mr Ghosh will sometimes combine it with other surgical and/or non-surgical procedures to achieve the best results for you.

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  • Prominent Ear Correction

    For men and women who have prominent ears, there is a surgical solution that can resize and/or reshape the ear and to ensure that it sits in a much less prominent position. Mr Ghosh can perform this procedure on adults under a local anaesthetic.

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  • Rhinoplasty

    For men and women who have always been dissatisfied with the size and/or shape of their nose, Mr Ghosh is a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon who provides nose reshaping surgery in the Buckinghamshire area.

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  • Mid Facelift

    During a mid facelift procedure, Mr Ghosh aims to improve the mid face area. As we age, we commonly lose volume in the cheeks, causing the skin to sag and folds to appear around the mouth. During the consultation at his Buckinghamshire practice, he will assess whether you will benefit most from a mid facelift or a full facelift.

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  • Botox

    For the treatment of dynamic wrinkles – those caused by the movement of the muscles under the skin – then Botox is a highly effective non-surgical treatment. It blocks the nerves that trigger those muscles and smooths the overlying skin.

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  • Silhouette Thread Facelift

    As an alternative to conventional facelifting, Mr Ghosh also offers Buckinghamshire patients the innovative Silhouette Thread facelift. Using sutures to reposition the skin and tissues, giving the face a naturally lifted look.

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  • Eyelid Lift

    Often, the first place to show the signs of ageing on the face, is the eyes. On the upper and lower eyelids, you can start to see the development of bags, folds, lines and wrinkles, and Mr Ghosh sees many patients complaining that their eyes are making them look tired and old.

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  • Neck Lift

    Your neck will show all the signs of ageing as the face and, traditionally, it has always been a delicate area to treat surgically. Mr Ghosh is a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon who can provide an effective neck lift procedure to reverse these signs of ageing.

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