Do I need to lose weight before a mummy makeover?

A mummy makeover is an increasingly popular term used to describe a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures that aim to reverse the changes that occur after pregnancy and breast feeding. Previously, women would have to live with the loss of volume and drooping in the breasts and loose skin and lax muscles in the tummy area, but now it is possible to address both these concerns with a breast lift or tummy tuck.

What does a mummy makeover entail?

Every woman is different so what they require and expect from cosmetic surgery will be different, as consultant plastic surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh will explain during your Milton Keynes mummy makeover consultation.

Tummy trouble

If you have had a number of pregnancies then it is highly unlikely you will snap back into pre-pregnancy form. During pregnancy, the muscles of the abdomen soften and separate to allow for the growing baby and often they do not return to their previous position – often women will have a clear ridge where the muscles have failed to knit back together again. Loss of tone also means that it doesn’t matter how many sit-ups you do, it is impossible to achieve a taut abdomen post-pregnancy.

If you’re suffering from a small excess of fat on the tummy – and even the arms, back, flanks and thighs – and you still retain good skin elasticity, then a liposuction procedure may achieve the results you’re hoping for. However, if you have a lack of muscle tone and a degree of sagging skin then an abdominoplasty is the most appropriate procedure for you.

Breast blues

During pregnancy and breast feeding, breast size and shape will fluctuate causing them to lose their former more pert appearance. Often women complain that they’ve lost volume in the breasts after breast feeding, leaving them feeling flat and less feminine.

There are a number of options available to restore a more youthful appearance to the breasts and Mr Sudip Ghosh will listen carefully to what you’re hoping to achieve and perform a physical examination before recommending the appropriate procedure. This could be fat transfer to the breasts, a breast augmentation, a breast uplift or an uplift combined with breast implants.

Weight fluctuations after a mummy makeover

Mr Sudip Ghosh, consultant plastic surgeon at the BMI The Saxon Clinic in Milton Keynes, is often asked by his mummy makeover patients whether they should lose weight prior to their procedure. His advice is to be close to or at ideal body weight and to have maintained that weight for a period of time. Any extreme loss or gain in weight can undermine the results you’ve achieved from your mummy makeover and may necessitate a repeat procedure.

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