Cut out the sagginess with thigh and arm reduction

Why do we develop saggy skin under our arms and around our thighs? Ageing is usually the obvious culprit, but there are other factors too, including being overweight and a general lack of fitness. Even a rigorous diet and exercise regime might not be able to repair the damage: as time goes on, a lack of natural elasticity we encounter in our skin means it’s not going to snap back into place as it did before.

What time has taken away, aesthetic surgery puts back

Thigh and arm lifts target different parts of the body – obviously – but the procedures are similar: excess fat and skin is removed, and the natural contours are restored with the tightening and restoring of the skin that remains.

How much work we need to do depends on the shape of the affected area. If the fat content is minimal, a simple liposuction procedure and a minimal trimming of excess skin will suffice. If you have more of a fat build-up and more of a problem with sagging skin, a full lift may be necessary.

What happens in a thigh or arm lift?

Both procedures involve an incision. Arm lifts can range from a ‘short scar brachioplasty (where the incision is made under the armpit), or a long scar brachioplasty (where the incision runs from the elbow to the chest). Thigh lift incisions run down the inner thigh, and can go as far as the groin to the knee, with the possibility of making another incision along the fold of the buttocks to enable further lift.

All procedures are performed under local or general anaesthesia, with full recovery occurring after a couple of weeks. For further information, please consult our thigh and arm reduction section for further details.

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