Can the appearance of my burn scars be improved?

Reconstructing burn scars is a very complex and intricate procedure but advances in the treatment of burns are being made continually. There are many techniques perfected by plastic surgeons that can improve a variety of scars and contractures.

Burns reconstruction techniques

The complexity of burns necessitates a wholly individual approach to reconstruction. Mr Sudip Ghosh, a consultant plastic surgeon based in Milton Keynes, offers such an approach, drawing from a wide range of techniques. These include resurfacing burns scars with artificial dermis; notably, Mr Ghosh is one of the leading burns surgeons in the UK using the dermal template Matriderm.

Other options include skin grafts, tissue expansion and free tissue transfer. For many patients, a Z-plasty is an effective way to reduce a scar. This procedure involves cutting and re-shaping the scar into a ‘Z’ form; in doing so, the scar’s shape fits more in line with your natural features and stretching is avoided, thereby making it blend in more and ultimately be less discernable.

Choose an experienced burns surgeon

Undergoing burns reconstruction can be an emotional process and many patients feel vulnerable as they set out on this journey so it is important to find a surgeon by whose credentials and manner you are reassured. When patients present at Mr Ghosh’s Milton Keynes burns reconstruction clinic, he explains that the treatment will be tailored to their individual case, and the overall management of the burns planned over the course of multiple discussions and consultations between patient and surgeon.

Mr Ghosh is a leading burns surgeon at Stoke Mandeville NHS Trust and a member of the British Burns Association and has many years’ experience of burns management. He is a respected figure in this field, being widely published and regularly presenting at national and international meetings.

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