Can I ever get back my pre-pregnancy breasts?

It is very normal for women to feel that their breasts have never been the same after pregnancy and breastfeeding; the new shape that comes with the stretched skin and a loss of volume can be a blow to a woman’s self esteem. Indeed, the desire to recapture the body confidence of their youth is one of the most frequently cited goals when Mr Sudip Ghosh sees new patients in his Milton Keynes breast augmentation clinic. Delivering predictable – and very pleasing, natural-looking results – a breast augmentation is the most popular form of cosmetic surgery in the UK.

Implants come in many shapes and sizes

The procedure has many variables – incision technique, implant position (above or below the chest muscle), size, shape, content and shell material – enabling your surgeon to tailor your breast augmentation to your individual shape and requirements. Women whose aim is to achieve a more pert, full bust, akin to the one they enjoyed pre-pregnancy, tend to favour the tear-drop implant: with a gentle slope down to the nipple and more volume in the lower pole, it imitates the natural shape of the breast.

The breast augmentation consultation

During your breast augmentation consultation, Milton Keynes-based surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh will take your full medical history and conduct a thorough physical examination, as well as talking through your hopes and expectations. After assessing your frame and the laxity of your skin, he will suggest an individualised surgical plan, guiding you to the best implant position, shape and size to achieve your goals. Mr Ghosh will discuss all of your options and explain both the potential risks and the limitations of surgery. A cosmetic surgeon with many years’ experience of breast surgery who combines surgical skill with an artistic eye, Mr Ghosh is ideally placed to plan the right breast augmentation for you.

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