Sagging of the breasts affects all women over time, either as the natural result of gravity or due to pregnancy, breast feeding or weight fluctuations. During a breast uplift procedure, known medically as a mastopexy, Mr Ghosh reshapes the breast tissue to achieve a more youthful, firmer breast shape. Often the nipples will also need to be repositioned higher on the breast.

If there has been a degree of volume loss or the patient also desires an increase in breast size, it is possible to combine a breast uplift with an augmentation. During your initial consultation, Mr Ghosh will discuss your aims and expectations from your cosmetic breast surgery procedure and advise you accordingly.

What happens during a breast uplift procedure?

A breast uplift is performed under a general anaesthetic, taking from one and a half hours to over three, and you may need to stay overnight in hospital. There are a number of different techniques and incisions that can be employed, depending on the extent of lift required and the amount of excess skin to be removed. These include either making an incision all around or just above the nipple area, an incision that also extends down to the base of the breasts or a further incision made along the crease of the breast.

These different types of incisions are commonly known as a crescent, lollipop or anchor incision and Mr Ghosh will have explained in advance of your procedure, which technique will best achieve the results you’re expecting.

What complications can I expect after a breast uplift?

Any cosmetic surgery procedure carries a degree of risk, either from the general anaesthetic or as a result of the invasive nature of the procedure. These potential complications include the risk of heavy bleeding, infections or a build up of fluid in the area of the incision. Any cosmetic breast surgery procedure can result in nerve damage, meaning a loss of sensation in the breasts and nipples, but this is usually temporary.

If a mastopexy is combined with an augmentation, there are a number of complications specific to breast implants which are discussed on the breast augmentation page.

What results can I expect from a breast uplift?

Return to work and normal activities after a breast uplift usually takes a couple of weeks. During the first few months post-procedure, the swelling should completely dissipate although it can take up to a year for the scars to fully flatten and fade.

Mr Ghosh will make every effort to ensure the scarring is as inconspicuous as possible, but they will always be present. However, patients are usually happy to accept the scars, as they signify a great improvement in shape and a more youthful appearance of the breasts.

It is important that you maintain a stable weight post-procedure and it is often advisable to wait until after you’ve concluded your family before you have a breast uplift to ensure the longevity of your results.

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