Overly large breasts are often a source of associated problems, such as discomfort, back or neck pain, irritation of the skin and grooves on the shoulders. They can make finding clothes difficult or be a source of embarrassment and distress, especially in the summer months when it is not so easy to cover up. For these women, a breast reduction can be a highly effective surgical solution.

What does a breast reduction entail?

A reduction mammoplasty is performed using general anaesthesia in a procedure that takes two to four hours. There are many different techniques that are particular to both surgeon and individual patient but, as a general guide, the procedure begins with the nipple: an incision is made around the areola which is then repositioned, usually while still attached to the blood supply. The next stage involves removing excess skin and breast tissue before re-contouring the remaining tissue to create a smaller and pleasingly elevated shape.

Are there any risks with a breast reduction?

As with any surgery, a breast reduction carries risk. During your consultation with Mr Sudip Ghosh you will discuss the potential complications, enabling you to make informed decisions. He will explain that you may experience nipple numbness, that there is a risk of asymmetry, and that your ability to breastfeed in the future is likely to be compromised.

Mr Ghosh will also talk candidly about the limitations of surgery. If a significant amount of tissue is to be removed, it becomes more difficult to retain the natural symmetry. Furthermore, whichever surgical design your surgeon chooses, there will always be a scar around the areola; a skilled surgeon will create as fine a scar as possible but it is imperative that anyone considering surgery makes their own judgement about whether the cons are outweighed by the pros.

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Through breast reduction surgery at his Milton Keynes clinic, highly experienced consultant plastic surgeon Mr Ghosh has helped many women find a greater self-confidence, as he finds a breast reduction procedure a highly effective surgical solution for women with overly large breasts. To learn more about the breast reduction or any of the aesthetic breast procedures offered by Mr Ghosh call 0845 304 7083 or 07518 914475.

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