A breast enlargement, also known as a breast augmentation, is a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure, particularly with young women who have always been dissatisfied with the size and/or shape of their breast.

The first step is a consultation with Mr Sudip Ghosh, a consultant plastic surgeon with many years’ experience of the full range of breast surgery. Milton Keynes-based Mr Ghosh believes the best candidates for cosmetic surgery are those who have realistic expectations and understand the limitations of surgery.

To this end, at your consultation Mr Ghosh will ask about your reasons for choosing to have a breast enlargement, and your desired goals. After taking your medical history and conducting a physical examination, Mr Ghosh will talk you through the options most suitable to your individual case.

What happens during a breast enlargement procedure?

There are a variety of breast enlargement techniques. Breasts can be made larger by placing implants either behind the chest muscle or under the breast tissue. There are also different incision sites through which the implant is inserted; the most common choice is the inframammary fold (the crease underneath your breast), but other popular techniques involve incisions in the armpit or around the areola.

Implant choice is very important. Breast implants come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Mr Sudip Ghosh favours the tear-drop shaped implant as it emulates the natural shape of the breast. He will also advise you on the implant size that is most appropriate to your physical frame. Mr Ghosh only uses materials that have been rigorously tried and tested and will be happy to explain his preferences.

A breast enlargement is performed under general anaesthetic and takes around 1.5 hours. It usually requires a single-night stay in hospital and you should be able to resume most normal activities after a fortnight. Mr Ghosh will advise you not to exercise for six weeks, and recommends all patients wear a compression garment in the weeks after their breast enlargement to achieve the best aesthetic results.

What complications can I expect after a breast augmentation?

Any cosmetic surgery procedure that involves an incision and a general anaesthetic can result in complications that range from excessive bleeding, infection and blood clots. However, there are also complications that are specific to breast augmentation surgery because of the insertion of an implant.

Capsular contracture is a relatively common complication whereby the body creates scar tissue around the implant during the recovery process and this scar tissue can harden and result in the implant becoming misshapen. If this happens, you may need repeat surgery.

Other potential issues include rupture, seroma or fluid build-up and a loss of breast or nipple sensation. Mr Sudip Ghosh will explain all these potential complications and the likelihood of the occurring at your consultation.

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