As you get older and particularly if you’ve experienced pregnancy or weight fluctuations, unwelcome changes to body shape can appear. A body lift procedure is a cosmetic surgery operation designed to remove excess fat and skin, typically around the lower abdomen and back.

It is often a challenging and extensive procedure, but results in a marked improvement in body shape and can greatly boost self-esteem and physical comfort. It is important you are as near to your ideal body weight as possible, but we do understand that many patients can find it difficult to exercise due to the physical limitations of this excess weight and skin.

What happens during a body lift?

This procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic and typically requires an overnight stay at least. A belt-like incision is made above the buttocks and outer thighs and may also extend to the abdomen, where an incision is made from hip bone to hip bone, below the belly button. Fatty tissue is removed and muscles are tightened if required. The excess skin is then also excised and a smooth, taut appearance is created.

Afterwards, you’ll be encouraged to wear a tight surgical garment to reduce swelling and bruising and to ensure the best possible results. Most patients can return to normal activities after two weeks although exercise and more strenuous activity should be postponed for six weeks.

What are the potential risks of a body lift procedure?

There are a number of risks associated with this procedure which will be fully explained during your Buckinghamshire body lift consultation with Mr Sudip Ghosh. This includes general anaesthetic risks and the possibility of developing infections at the incision sites as well as bleeding, fluid collection and problems with scarring.

What results can I expect from a body lift?

There will be some swelling present for many months after your procedure so the full and final results will not be visible for approximately six months afterwards. There is usually extensive scarring after a body lift, but Mr Ghosh will ensure it is sited in the most discreet place possible and when fully healed it should be unnoticeable. Patients are usually extremely satisfied with the results of their body lift and the marked improvement to their body shape.

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