• “I want cosmetic surgery but I’m too nervous…”

    The decision to have cosmetic surgery is not always an easy one. There are many things to consider: is it the right time, or the right clinic? Can you afford to take time out? Are you in good enough health? At Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Milton Keynes cosmetic surgery clinic patients are encouraged to discuss anyRead more

  • Will my skin cancer be disfiguring?

    With skin cancer rates rising, it is something we all need to take seriously. Fortunately, there is a great deal an individual can do to prevent it (86% of malignant melanoma are preventable) and survival rates are high. Indeed, detect it early and skin cancer does not have to be life threatening – but inRead more

  • Will my cosmetic surgery look natural?

    When cosmetic surgery candidates tell Mr Sudip Ghosh they are concerned about looking as though they’ve had ‘work’ done, he explains that his goal is to enhance your features to create an outcome that is both beautiful and natural. How can this be achieved? 1. By focusing on your natural features. Cosmetic surgery is atRead more

  • Will everyone know I’ve had a breast augmentation?

    For some women, small breasts are a constant source of self-consciousness – and, in some cases, distress. When patients present at his Milton Keynes breast augmentation clinic, Mr Sudip Ghosh talks through what has led them to consider surgery and he is frequently told that their modest bust makes them feel less feminine, or thatRead more