Be prepared for your cosmetic surgery procedure

There’s no getting around it: your first cosmetic procedure can be a daunting prospect. After all, the idea of choosing to undergo surgery is still a strange thing to do for most people – and while the taboo of ‘going under the knife’ is evaporating, everyone who has benefitted from an aesthetic procedure still remembers how they felt the first time.

Like all reputable and professional clinics, SJG Plastic Surgery has a comprehensive pre-surgery procedure geared towards ensuring clients are as prepped as possible for what they’re about to go through. And while each procedure will have its own specific rules, it’s worth walking you through the most common issues.

Medication and vitamins

During your consultation, we’ll need a list of the medications which you are currently being prescribed.  We will then give you the all-clear for your procedure, or advise you to consult your GP and check if you can step down on certain medications before the procedure.

It is vitally important that you stay away from anti-inflammatory medicines for two weeks before the procedure. That includes aspirin, medications that contain aspirin, Alka-Selzer, Excedrin, Nurofen, Ibuprofen etc. If you need to use painkillers, switch to Paracetamol. Vitamins or alternative medicines that cause clotting – such as Vitamin E, ginseng, St. Johns Wort and Gingko Boloba – are also to be avoided for two weeks, unless the practitioner has approved their use. Bottom line: whatever you’re taking, let your practitioner know.

Weight fluctuation

It’s very important that you keep an eye on your weight and diet before the surgery. This is because your practitioner has drawn up a plan of action based on what you looked like during the consultation. Any gain in weight can not only affect the results, but can increase any potential risks during surgery. If you have gained more than five pounds since the consultation, the procedure may have to be cancelled.

Pre-surgery illness

If you experience a cold or an infection during the two-week period before the procedure, you must contact us and convey the details.

Sun damage

You are strongly advised to avoid prolonged exposure to intense sunlight before your procedure: any evidence of sunburn will result in a cancellation.

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