Are you too young for a cosmetic procedure?

what is the right age for cosmetic surgeryWith Love Island being through for another year, the argument about young people wanting cosmetic surgery may just calm down for a while. Or maybe it won’t – so let’s try to answer a few questions…

Is there any truth in the news reports?

Compared with teenagers of yore, there’s certainly a lot more interest, that’s for certain. Recent statistics prove that the number of teens seeking plastic surgery is rising, while the average age of first-time clients is getting lower.

However, the reasons for this aren’t as clear-cut as the media suggest. For starters, the most-requested procedures by teens tend to be the low-level, non-invasive ones, such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing. In other words, they’re more interested in getting rid of zits and blackheads than new noses and facelifts. And if those procedures had been around when we were that age, wouldn’t we have wanted to try them too?

What about dermal fillers?

A lot of news reports pin the blame on today’s celebrities – who are not shy about talking about the work they’ve had done. And while a tiny minority of teens want to have so-and-so’s pout, it’s worth pointing out to today’s teens their favourite celebs undergo cosmetic procedures is to look the same age as them. In any case, legitimate clinics are against the use of dermal fillers and Botox on teenagers.

So are there any invasive procedures suitable for teenagers?

Certain procedures can be considered on younger patients depending on how they are affecting them emotionally. An ear pinning procedure is often performed on even younger children as it can improve confidence during childhood and puberty. A rhinoplasty or cosmetic breast surgery to correct marked asymmetry or lack of breast development may also be considered when a patient is younger. But a reputable surgeon will need to be absolutely certain that the client is sufficiently mature enough – both physically and mentally – to undergo surgery.

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