Am I the right candidate for a LeJour breast lift?

Am I the right candidate for a LeJour breast lift?The LeJour breast lift is simply a term used for a particular pattern of incisions that are made for that particular procedure. It’s a derivation of the vertical scar technique, which was popularised in the Seventies, and it’s otherwise known as the Lollipop incision, due to its shape – around the areola and down the middle of the breast.

The point of the Lejour technique is to leave as short a scar as possible, and certain practitioners feel that it results in a perkier shape and a better, less visible vertical scar. The downside is that it’s a difficult technique for practitioners to master, and takes a longer period of surgery to perform.

Which breast lift is right for me?

The honest truth is that there is no way of knowing until you meet with the practitioner of your choice and they get an opportunity to assess the current state of your breasts and the shape you’re looking for. There’s no cure-all technique for breast lift surgery: it all depends on how the blood supply is managed inside the breast, how the breast is currently shaped, how loose the skin currently is and the current positioning of the nipples.

Do your research

The best practitioners, like Milton Keynes breast lift surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh, will always give clients recommendations on what procedure will work best, whilst spelling out the pros and cons or other procedures.

And it’s worth repeating: the onus is on you to get the best practitioner for the most suitable procedure. Check out reviews. Look over before and after pictures. Check their credentials via the GMC website, and find out if they are members of any professional associations, such as BAAPS or BAPRAS. Ask if you can get in touch with previous clients. And make sure you know what questions you want answers to during the consultation period.

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