Abdominoplasty: the male tummy tuck explained

male tummy tuckLosing weight is simple: you move more, eat less, and watch the pounds fall off. You suddenly discover you can not only fit into your old clothes, but all the new slim-look ones too. And you can allow yourself to feel a little smug about the reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, strokes and all the other obesity-related illnesses.

The only downside is when you discover that although the fat has gone, the skin around the stomach area is now sagging around your belt. And no amount of work in the gym is ever going to put it right. Now more and more men are turning to a surgical solution: the male abdominoplasty.

Finish the job with abdominoplasty

There’s a simple reason for this happening: over time, the skin loses its elasticity. Compare the state of your post-weight loss stomach to a balloon. Before it’s inflated, the skin is taut and smooth. When it’s inflated, it retains its tautness, but has expanded to accommodate air. When that air is gradually expelled from the balloon, however, it loses its elasticity and is unable to snap back into shape. Like the skin of the balloon, your skin has borne the stress of extra fat for too long.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that contours the abdomen, removes the excess skin, tightens up the stomach area and even removes the excess fat that still remains: abdominoplasty. The actual surgical procedure will involve two incisions under general anaesthesia, a tightening and repositioning of the abdominal muscles, a removal of unnecessary fat and skin, and an overnight stay.

Naturally, there’ll be a consultation period, where we review your medical history, take on board your goals, give you the straight facts on any risks and unrealistic goals, and draw up a plan of action. More and more men are discovering the benefits of abdominoplasty – why not join them?

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