A tummy tuck timeline

While certain cosmetic procedures require very little downtime, a tummy tuck definitely will. Think about it: your core stomach muscles will be manipulated and tightened up – and it will take time for them to recover. Excess tissue and skin will be removed and you will have a large scar. And while we can skilfully and easily give you the shape you desire, it’ll be down to you to maintain it. So let’s talk about what happens when we’ve done our job…

Immediately after tummy tuck surgery

Complete rest over the first two weeks following surgery is essential: you’ll be undergoing a period called ‘wound healing’.  As you’ll be undergoing a degree of discomfort, soreness and fatigue in the first few weeks, you’ll want to avoid the gym, in any case.

However, you will be expected to get active within the first 24 hours after treatment. Nothing too strenuous – walking around the block (or even just the house) will suffice. You may find yourself bending forward to avoid further discomfort: that’s an entirely natural response.  You are strongly advised to avoid heavy lifting, intense cardio, and anything which will put pressure on your abs during this period.

A month after tummy tuck surgery

After four to six weeks, the vast majority of the soreness and fatigue will have disappeared – but there’s still a way to go before returning to the gym. Even if you were an intense gym-user, you will be encouraged to ease your way back in with mid-level activities such as yoga, jogging, swimming and cycling. Again, it’s vital you avoid heavy lifting and abdominal exercises.

Three months after tummy tuck surgery

After twelve weeks, your core stomach muscles will finally be ready to take on the demands of heavy exercise. Start those exercises gradually and listen to your body at all times, gradually rebuilding your endurance levels to ensure that you can transition back to your pre-surgery exercise levels as smoothly – and safely – as possible.

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