5 questions to ask yourself before having cosmetic surgery

confusedChoosing to have cosmetic surgery is not a decision to take lightly, but one that requires a great deal of consideration and research. Here are five questions to help you through this process.

1. Do I know what I’m getting into?

Researching the procedure will help you make an informed decision with confidence. Find out just what it entails, what the potential risks are, and what you should expect of the recovery.

2. Who am I doing this for?

It is essential that the choice to have cosmetic surgery is yours; after all, it will be your body that must undergo and recover from surgery. For you to be happy with the results you need to have made the changes to please only yourself.

3. What do I expect to change?

During your Milton Keynes cosmetic surgery consultation, Mr Ghosh will ask you about your objectives and talk to you about the limitations of surgery.

If you are hoping that a cosmetic procedure will solve all ills in your life, then you need to think on some more. From many years’ experience, Mr Ghosh finds that patients with realistic expectations are the happier with the results.

4. Can I commit to the recovery period?

After your cosmetic surgery, you will be given comprehensive aftercare instructions. Following these will allow you to achieve the optimal aesthetic results.

As Mr Ghosh stresses to all his Milton Keynes patients, one of the most important factors in a full recovery is giving yourself time and space to heal. Rushing headlong back into your busy life will not do you any favours – so can you give yourself that time?

5. Do I trust my surgeon?

Finding a cosmetic surgeon whose opinion, judgement and skill you trust is paramount. Do you feel that your surgeon is honest with you and that all their advice is given with your best interests at heart?

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