• Reshaping or rhinoplasty: what’s best for my nose?

    If you’ve decided that 2019 is the year that you finally do something about your nose, you’ll be pleased to know that your options are wider than ever. There are plenty of bespoke procedures available nowadays, but the two main ones are rhinoplasty and nose reshaping. So a good place to start on your journey

  • What’s the difference between a full thickness and split-thickness skin graft?

    If you need a skin graft – for whatever reason – it pays to be aware of which treatment is right for you. In almost all cases, it’s not a choice: one of the two will be the procedure best suited for your condition. Even so, it’s worth knowing what to expect from your skin

  • If you don’t want to stand out, try pinnaplasty

    If you feel your ears are sticking out more than you’d like them to, there’s a reason for that. The main cause for prominent ears is the lack of a ‘fold’ at the back of the ear that would normally keep them pinned back to the sides of the head. If you’re missing that fold,

  • Is it time for a neck lift?

    No matter how stringent your diet is or how through your exercise regime is, the neck area is the one part of your body that diet or fitness can’t preserve. Wrinkles, sagging, and ‘neck bands’ – folds which are caused by ageing, prominent neck muscles and considerable weight loss – can all take their toll