• Why men need Mummy Makeovers too

    Recent statistics confirm it: more and more men are turning to cosmetic surgery to get the look they want. And one procedure, in particular, that’s shot up in the rankings is the abdominoplasty. And although it’s been saddled with the highly unmasculine term of ‘the Mummy makeover’ or even the ‘tummy tuck’, it’s known inRead more

  • Why have I gained weight after liposuction?

    People assume that liposuction is a treatment that’s only to be used in cases of extreme obesity, or as a vanity project for people who want to suck away twenty years of full English breakfasts without putting in the effort themselves. Not exactly true. Yes, lipo can be used in extreme cases to remove vastRead more

  • Why getting Meghan’s nose may be harder than you think

    Move over, Kim K – there’s a new cosmetic surgery icon in town, and the most desired target area for treatment isn’t the butt anymore. According to the aesthetic procedure community Stateside, the new most desired celebrity body part is Meghan Markle’s nose – and it’s been that way long before her engagement to PrinceRead more

  • Why do we get saggy breasts – and how do we avoid it?

    There are many reasons as to why parts of our body sag over time. The main factor is obvious and unavoidable: we all suffer a marked decline in the skin’s elasticity, robbing it of the ability to snap back into place when we lose weight. When it comes to breasts, however, other factors come into play.Read more