• Will breast surgery give me more confidence?

    Women presenting at Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Milton Keynes breast surgery clinic seek surgery for many different reasons. Whether it be to augment small breasts that have long been a source of embarrassment, or to lift breasts that lost volume during pregnancy, or to reduce breasts that cause aches and pains, a desire to have moreRead more

  • Will a facelift make me look younger?

    The face can be a very visible reminder that we are getting older: gravity, sun damage, lifestyle factors all combine to blur the definition and contours we associate with youth. Facial rejuvenation surgery can be an effective way of taking a few years off; it can reset, rather than stop, the clock. What does aRead more

  • Why the neck lift works

    We know what you’re going though: you take care of yourself. You have a healthy diet, and you stick to it. You’re no stranger to the gym. You look at yourself in the mirror, and see someone you like. But there’s one part of your body that no dieting or exercising can help – yourRead more

  • Why Spring is the best time for cosmetic surgery

    You may think that now the evenings are finally starting to draw out, you’ve missed out on the optimum time to undergo a cosmetic procedure, but you’d be wrong. If anything, Spring is a much better time – and here are a few reasons why… If your New Year resolution to lose weight has alreadyRead more