• Ganglions, and how to tame them

    A ganglion is something that people tend not to know about until they’re unlucky enough to contract one: it’s a fluid-filled, non-cancerous lump created by a build-up of synovial fluid – the thick lubricant that keep your joints and tendons suitable ‘oiled’ – which usually occurs on the hand or wrist (and sometimes on the

  • The thirty-minute facelift explained

    If you’re interested in the benefits of facial cosmetic surgery, but are not yet mentally prepared for a standard facelift, we find that the Silhouette Thread facelift is the perfect entry-level procedure for people who desire instant results without the downtime associated with more intrusive procedures. The Silhouette thread facelift is a procedure that does

  • Benefits of laser skin resurfacing

    Laser skin resurfacing is an effective and easy course of treatments which uses state-of-the-art technology to reset your facial skin surface by removing the outer layer of your complexion. This goes a long way towards eliminating a welter of imperfections, such as fine lines around the eyes or mouth, acne scars, blotches, chicken pox scars

  • Cut out the sagginess with thigh and arm reduction

    Why do we develop saggy skin under our arms and around our thighs? Ageing is usually the obvious culprit, but there are other factors too, including being overweight and a general lack of fitness. Even a rigorous diet and exercise regime might not be able to repair the damage: as time goes on, a lack