• It’s winter: time to take off a layer

    The term ‘laser skin resurfacing’ is a bit of a misnomer. Although it sounds like you’re adding a layer to damaged skin on the face, it’s actually a safe and effective treatment which removes imperfections (such as fine lines around the eyes or mouth, acne scars, blotches, chicken pox scars and sun-damaged skin) with laser

  • The Silhouette Thread facelift: an FAQ

    What is a Silhouette thread facelift? Simply put, it’s a minimally-invasive procedure. After an application of local anaesthetic to numb the treated area, a special surgical thread is inserted into the skin with a fine needle. This thread is dotted with tiny bi-directional ‘cones’, which your practitioner uses to create a framework. In other words,

  • Is it time for pinnaplasty?

    If you’ve got prominent ears, and you want to do something about them, maybe 2018 is the year when you go for a completely new look. In most cases, the reason for prominent ears is the lack of a ‘fold’ at the back of the ear that usually keeps them pinned to the sides of

  • The Lejour breast lift explained

    You may have heard of it. You may be confused by it. You may even be wondering if it’s the right breast lift procedure for you. So let’s break down the Lejour breast lift. Otherwise known as the ‘lollipop’ procedure, a Lejour breast lift is simply a term used for the particular pattern of incisions