• Time for a neck lift?

    It’s the time of the year all neck-haters dread. No scarves, no turtlenecks, not getting away from it: the summertime is a cruel reminder that no matter how healthy your diet, or how much work you put in at the gym, there are always  parts of your body that no dieting or exercising can help

  • Restore what summer has damaged with a chemical peel

    Summer might be your favourite time of the year, but it can play havoc with your complexion. The UVB rays within sunlight can actually heat up the skin and erode the collagen and elastin within, while the UVA rays can create wrinkles, cell damage, uneven skin tone, dryness and other signs of ageing. By the

  • How long will the effects of a cosmetic procedure last?

    For certain people, the question ‘how long will cosmetic surgery last?’ can be right up there with ‘how long is a piece of string?’ It depends on two key factors… The procedure you’ve decided to undergo There are two main reasons why people choose to undertake a cosmetic procedure: because they want to change a

  • Liposuction v Liposculpture: what’s the difference?

    At Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Buckinghamshire cosmetic surgery clinic, we receive a lot of interest from people who are looking for a permanent solution to unwanted body fat – and we’re noticing that certain clients are a little confused of the differences between Liposculpture and Liposuction. ‘Lipo’ is a term which relates to fat and other lipids,