• Bothered by inverted nipples? Talk to us

    There’s always something about our bodies that we’d love to amend, but there are certain issues that stand out – or not, as the case may be. And having an inverted nipple can be right at the top of the list, if you suffer from one. There are many reasons why an inverted nipple can

  • How Liposculpting can take years off your face

    As we age, the signs begin to show – and the first place that usually shows that is around the face and neck. There are a range of reasons for this development, but can be mainly attributed to a double-whammy of our skin losing elasticity, and the volume of fat around those areas start to

  • Restore your natural look with the full thickness skin graft

    We do a lot of cosmetic procedures here at SJG Plastic Surgery, but we also deal with more serious matters. We all want to improve our looks and cheat the signs of ageing, but some of us need to contend with disfigurements. However, we can help. What is a full thickness skin graft? There are

  • Smoking and surgery: a cautionary tale

    A post from a Michigan-based cosmetic surgeon about a recent procedure caused no end of consternation across the blogosphere recently, and it’s worth discussing here. Although the story is extreme to say the least, we have absolutely no reason to doubt the surgeon, Dr Anthony Youn – and the advice he offers about smoking and