• Skin grafts: full thickness v split-thickness

    A split-thickness skin graft involves the shaving of a thin sheet of skin a fraction of a millimetre thick, and is used to cover an expanse of skin where the wounds aren’t particularly deep. A full thickness graft, on the other hand, is usually between 2 and 4 millimetres thick, and is best deployed upon

  • Nipple inversion surgery – a FAQ

    Nipples: for most of us, especially men, they’re parts of the body that are just…there. Sure, they play an enormously important role for a year or so when breastfeeding, but for most of the time, they’re pretty superfluous – and for many people, nipples are things that need to be covered up for the vast

  • The mid facelift: a guide

    We come across many new clients who seek rejuvenation, but are unsure about what they need, exactly. While we always provide a bespoke service, we’re always happy to recommend the right procedure, and we’re aware that certain treatments are so good that we can’t help but refer them to potential clients. One of those is

  • Breast augmentation or breast lift: what’s right for you?

    Most breast procedures fall into two categories: a breast lift and breast augmentation. A breast lift aims to raise and firm the breasts without increasing the cup size, resulting in a new upper-body contour. It also works as a fix for sagging breasts, repositioning the nipples for a more natural look, and reducing the appearance