• Missed out on a holiday body? There’s always next year

    If you’re about to embark on your summer vacation and are already starting to regret not taking better care of your body – or knocking back a little assistance from a cosmetic procedure – there’s very little point in beating yourself up about it. Here at SJG Plastic Surgery, we’re more than aware that our

  • Is there a set age for a cosmetic surgery procedure?

    The argument about cosmetic surgery and young people – which has never gone away – has been stoked to new heights by the complaints about Love Island being shot through with adverts for clinics and diet supplements. So let’s try to answer a few questions. Are teenagers really obsessed with cosmetic procedures? Compared with their

  • The dos and don’ts for post-filler perfection

    So, you’ve had lip filler treatment, and you really like loving the way they look. You’ve already discovered how fast and safe the treatment is, and how they add volume and smooth out vertical lines around the edges of the mouth. Here’s what you need to do now to ensure your new look holds up…

  • Everything you wanted to know about breast implants

    At our Buckinghamshire breast augmentation clinic, we get asked many questions about breast implants, and we address all of them in consultation sessions – but if you need your mind putting at rest, here are the key queries we get: What happens during a breast implant replacement procedure? The procedure requires removing the implants, along